New Office

Whether you have already decided to change your office or still wonder if staying might be the better alternative, our team of experts will provide invaluable strategic advice and market intelligence to ensure the success of your project.

Location analysis

is a key input to help you make a more informed decision. Analyze the specifics of each submarket in line with your workforce commute time and preferences, amenities, and competitors.


the office space market with our tailored report covering all available options with enough detail to evaluate and shortlist. Our experts will walk you through each option to share any building specifics relevant to your search.

Data-driven negotiations

approach leads to exponentially more savings:
– Superior RFP methodology to reveal all commercial terms.
– Financial and qualitative analysis, space efficiency, flexibility, etc.

Agreement review

and negotiation support – there is hardly a class A office space lease agreement in Sofia which we have not negotiated. Avoid unexpected costs, increase flexibility, and identify red flags in the closing documentation.

Discover the best space for your business.