Lease Optimization

Benchmark your commercial terms against currently achievable levels and best market practices. We will deliver recommendations report along with a proposal with the most suitable strategy to upgrade your terms.

Current lease review

we will perform a detailed analysis of your lease and service level agreement. Based on our findings we will submit a lease report outlining potential leverages, red flags, and optimization opportunities.


feasible alternative office buildings and comparable locations. A feasible alternative office building is a strong negotiation tool or could very well provide a better solution for your business.

Financial analysis

of a stay scenario vs relocation scenarios as well as a qualitative assessment to capture any non-quantifiable gains for your business from the alternative office buildings.

Parallel negotiations

with your current landlord and shortlisted options. Our experience gained from hundreds of negotiated leases over the last decade unlocks significant operational and capital savings along with flexibility.

Discover the best space for your business.