Build To Suit

Own or lease an office building designed to meet every need of your business. Developing from scratch is a complicated business with myriad of factors to be considered. Our experts will structure an optimal process to deliver a building that will give a competitive edge to your business for decades:

Analysis Stage

we start with location analysis, space requirements, overall office space market assessment and benchmark against best practices. This critical data will help us create the framework of the project.

Explore suitable locations

with our tailored report covering all available options with enough detail to evaluate and shortlist. Our experts will walk you through each option and assist with the due diligence of the finalists.

Explore development scenarios

partner with a developer or build a development team from scratch? We will present the pros and cons of every scenario, cost structure, associated risks and other factors to be considered.

Manage and deliver

tender, negotiate and compare your potential partners to achieve an optimal project and cost structure. Leverage our extensive experience to avoid unexpected costs and clearly define program and responsibilities.

Discover the best space for your business.