Office Space Leasing

Secure top tier tenants on optimal commercial terms. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a leasing strategy in place, our team will help reach and appeal to the largest pool of tenants fit for your office building.

Competition analysis

what are your potential tenant’s alternatives? What are the achievable rental levels, concessions, lease terms and other commercial parameters that play a significant role in your returns.

Evaluate tenants pool

based on expiring leases, expansion plans and location preferences we will search the market to find the tenants with the greatest potential for your office building.

Attract tenants

we will find the path to the decision makers within your potential tenants. We speak their language and will efficiently communicate the advantages of your office building incl. calls, meetings, and on-site presentations.


we have successfully negotiated hundreds of transactions and know how to get the most out of each situation. We will structure a lease agreement to protect your interests and meet the strict criteria of investors.

Discover the best space for your business.